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Morocco offshore. Large scale outbuilding and inbuilding continental shelf. In the reconstruction you can see which events correspond to prospective coastal sand traps, and which are foresetted sand bypass areas.  Data from TGS-NOPEC Morocco, AAPG Explorer, December 2003.

1. Original section

The circled event can be marine shale (soft, high amplitude), or it can be shelf sand (with gas, high amplitude).

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten TGS NOPEC Morocco AAPG EXPLORER 2003 ezValidator unfaulted unfolded stratigraphy inbuilding outbuilding delta

2. Unfaulted and unfolded

The large-scale deltaic outbuilding/inbuilding phases become very obvious.

The circled event is at the end of the furthest outbuilding phase and is probably shelf sand.

Morocco, offshore: large scale outbuilding/inbuilding

Notes: decision on prospectivity of a seismic event (is it marine shale or shelf sand?) is illustrated in the images below.