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Slokkert Consultancy

Dr. Kees W. Rutten

Rolde, The Netherlands

Phone: +31-592-242452



Slokkert Consultancy was established in 2001 by Dr. Kees W. Rutten.

“Slokkert” is the name of his old farm house in the North of Holland. “Slokkert” is probably an old Dutch (Drentsch) word for water, in this case a small lake next to the farm. The Consultancy is actually housed in the “Eld Hus” or fire-house next the farm, it being too dangerous to keep a fire within a farm.

The Slokkert is located next to the Aa river (another local word for water) on diamictites (keileem) and wind-blown sands of the Saalien glaciation. There are burial mounds dating back 4,000 years close to the farm.

About us

Slokkert Kees Rutten Iceland paleomagnetic field work Eyjafjordur 1963 sun compassSlokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell Oamn PDO dipmeter response of glacial sediments

1963 Iceland

Paleomagnetic field work in Eyjafjordur, Iceland.

First continuous record of magnetic orientation of 250 lava flows.

This is the sun compass used to orient the samples.

1964-1974 Utrecht University, North Atlantic

Marine geophysicist with the Vening Meinesz Laboratory of Utrecht University.

Survey of the Central North Atlantic, establishing the structural geological interaction between mid-ocean ridge and fracture zones (Nature, 1972).

This is one of Bolt’s first air guns sliding along a steel cable to allow its frequent repairs, on the KNSM vessel Charis.

1975 PhD thesis, Iceland

On magnetic anomalies over Iceland and Reykjanes Ridge.

Explains why absence of magnetic anomaly lineations over Iceland does not preclude spreading.

Left is the two-dimensionality computed for observed vector magnetic data.

Right is a plot of magnetic anomalies calculated for two spreading models, (a) Iceland and (b) Reykjanes ridge.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell BSP Brunei seismic interpretation unfaulting and unfolding on paper seismic sections well proposal

1982-1985 BSP, Brunei

Production seismic interpreter responsible for the Eastern Offshore Area, Brunei Shell Petroleum.

This is my desk with color pencils, eraser and all. Seismic workstations had not made it yet to the Far East.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Iceland magnetic anomalies crustal spreading vector magnetometer two-dimensionality palmason crustal spreading modelSlokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten office stookhut Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Vening Meinesz Laboratorium Central North Atlantic Mid-ocean ridge fracture zone fence diagram

Below is a 3D view of our transits between 12 and 18 degrees North. Every transit is one trip across the Atlantic.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten marine geophysics vening meinesz Laboratorium Utrecht University Central North Atlantic mid-coean ridge fracture zone bolt air-gun KNSM colletteSlokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Vening Meinesz Laboratorium HP2114 computer Marine Geophysics

1968 HP-2114A (photo Jeff Moffat)

First computer, sea-going, beautifully made.

With 8Kb of magnetic-core memory,  16 bit words, 500KHz clock speed, paper tape operating system, no hard disk.

The three drawings below were made with this machine on a huge Calcomp pen plotter.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell Rijswijk KSEPL SIEP

1976-1982 Shell Research, Rijswijk

Geophysicist with the KSEPL Shell E&P lab.

I worked mainly on the geological interpretation of wireline logs, on data from Canada, Venezuela, Nigeria, Australia, Oman and Qatar.

This is the “old” building. The windows could still open.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell PDO Oman glacial sediment scratches pavement al-khlata huqf outcrop

1981-1982 Oman

Field work for PDO in the Al Khlata area for KSEPL

Left: we found glacial scratches of the Late Paleozoic Gondwana glaciation for the first time in the Arabian plate (Nature, 1982).

Right: dipmeter response of glacial sediments (AAPG Bull. 1988).

Above: lithoclass crossplot.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Iceland magnetic anomalies crustal spreading vector magnetometer two-dimensionalitySlokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Oman glacial sediment lithoclass PDO ShellSlokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell BSP Brunei well proposal successful find

Left: the seismic section shows a well proposal that was supported by unfaulting and unfolding to show the detailed stratigraphy across the heavily faulted structure.

Right: team party when this well came in.

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell KSEPL SIEP horizon Unfaulting software branch fault topology structural geology swallow

1985-1999 Shell Research, Rijswijk and NAM, Assen

Mainly management roles in geological computing, basin modelling and seismic interpretation.

We also developed horizon unfaulting software with special handling of branch faults (GeolSocLondon, 2000).

Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten Shell KSEPL SIEP horizon Unfaulting software Slokkert Consultancy Kees Rutten ezValidator Slokkert Validator Unfaulting unfolding software EAGE Paris

2000-now Slokkert Consultancy

Development of unfaulting and unfolding software for mainstream seismic interpretation.

Left: unfaulting and unfolding of Nigerian data in the Slokkert Validator, the precursor of ezValidator (EAGE Paris, 2004).




In 2002 Landmark Graphics acquired the IP rights of the Slokkert Validator after an open bidding process involving Schlumberger, Paradigm, Seismic Micro Technology and Shell (123DI).



...from Kees Rutten’s CV...

2003 Iceland field work

Mapping volcanic dykes in Alftafjordur to obtain the paleo crustal spreading direction. A special 3D viewer was developed to show oriented photographs as drape over the terrain or as curtains in the terrain. Inset: oriented camera stand.